DeadSticky ultimate TYRE glue




Next gen glue technology from dead Bodies inc…

Combining Cyanoacrylate with carbon, kevlar, rubber compounds and more…. DeadSticky glue will take your tyre glueing game to the next level…

Sick of your tyres letting go on your high power rig…. Well look no further than DeadSticky glue.

At 950cps…its great at gap bridging and sealing, whilst still maintaining good flow.

Black in colour, has a unique needle loaded cap to prevent the applicator cone from getting clogged after use!

Holds strong in 1 minute… Fully cures in 24 hours to achieve maximum bond strength.

Waterproof, tear proof, UV proof, excellent shear and tensile strength.

Next gen tech…. For your tyres…

Supplied ;

-1 bottle of DeadSticky glue (80g)

-1 small square of aluminium oxide paper.






Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg


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